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Vacation in Padang Bay Bali

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Padang Bay area near from the Candidasa tourism area in east of Bali offer the secluded beach vacation not known in other area of Bali. The beach has beautiful surrounding and great tropical atmosphere. This secluded beach located just a short distance from the Padang Bay harbor. Although the beach is not that big but because of its location and not visited by too many people making the beach as the perfect place for having a beach vacation.

If you love to have a beach vacation then the beach around Padang Bay in east of Bali will be a suitable option for you. You can get several bungalows which located around the bay with view facing to the ocean. Your vacation here will full of things to see and do. There are so many kind of beach activities which you can do from snorkeling, kayaking, diving, swimming and visiting other village or other area around the bay.

Indulge yourself on a private treatment massage or learn how to dive or just walking around the villages of Padang Bay to learn about the local people. Most of the bungalows here will be on the beachfront and have their own boat to take you for a ride around many fascinating snorkeling trips.

Bali villas also available around Padang Bay though not quite on the same spot just near from the bay. The private villas will have a good view of the ocean with good hand crafted furniture. All the private villas located near from the bay will have its own private pool and view overlook the bay or the ocean.

Padang Bay offer several restaurants and bars and if that is not enough you can easily visit the restaurants and bars which located in Candidasa which will take around 15 minutes from the bay. If you are looking for your perfect beach location without spending too much on your budget then Padang Bay could be one of your option. Padang bay will be the place you'll be glad you found.


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