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Honeymooning in Bali

Bali island has been known in the world for its pristine white sandy beaches, perfect tropical weather and not to mention the rich heritage of its people. These are the main reasons why many tourists from around the world coming to the island of Bali...

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Bali Villas Better than All Inclusive Vacation

Interested in taking a Bali vacation? The island of Bali is a paradise island full of beautiful scenery, pristine white sandy beaches and unique traditional culture. The island has many kind of accommodation to cater for travelers who comes to the island for their vacation.

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Spa treatment in Bali

Each year there are many individuals, couples and families miking their vacation on the island of Bali. The number of incoming travelers to the island of Bali always increasing from year to year.

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Vacation in Padang Bay Bali

Padang Bay area near from the Candidasa tourism area in east of Bali offer the secluded beach vacation not known in other area of Bali. The beach has beautiful surrounding and great tropical atmosphere. This secluded beach located just a short distance from the Padang Bay harbor.

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Bali Articles

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