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Interested in taking a Bali vacation? The island of Bali is a paradise island full of beautiful scenery, pristine white sandy beaches and unique traditional culture. The island has many kind of accommodation to cater for travelers who comes to the island for their vacation. One of the alternative accommodation is the Bali villas. The island famous for various choices of private villas from different bedrooms and different prices.

If you consider to have your vacation over private villas then you will get several benefits. It will let you save your money and time and at the end you would be able to enjoy your vacation, full of fun and privacy. Private villas has the benefits different from staying in hotels or resorts. It will let your family staying under the same roof not separated with corridors or on another building.

If you wants to invite your friends to come over then you can have your gathering by the pool or by the garden and the villa chef will prepared you dinner with the cost of buying the groceries, that's all. Things like this would not available on famous resorts or hotels even on an all inclusive resorts.

How about if you want to see many attractions around the island, a one day tour maybe? Well this will the other benefits of private villas as most of them will give you a car and driver which will guide you to see the island sight seeing and cultural attractions. Its truly hassle free vacation.

If you are coming to the island of Bali to have a relaxed day then you are on the right place because private villas will give you the ultimate privacy and serenity without have to share them with others like staying on regular hotels or resorts. All of the villa facilities and amenities will be just for you.

So plan your vacation in Bali and stay over the Bali villas. The Travel and Leisure magazine has voted the island of Bali as the best resort destination in the world for several years. This s the time for you to sample the real Bali with fully service private villas.

The wonderful vacation and the relaxed atmosphere is waiting for you at the Bali villas and don't forget most private villas today have the in house spa therapist for you. There is no restriction if staying in a private villas but this also depending on the type of villa. Most villas would suitable for any age and people with disability.

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