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The best time to come to the island of Bali

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The island of Bali currently is among the best island in the world voted by Travel Leisure magazine readers. This island located on the equator which delivering a tropical atmosphere all year round. From its location the island of Bali offer the best temperature for having a vacation which is at around 30C all year or about 80F.

In some of the months the direct sun rays will be a bit hot especially on the middle of the day. The humidity of the island on wet season, around October till March can be very high and oppressive. On this time of year the rain fall comes almost daily as a relief and then pass quickly leaving some of the street flooded.

If you are having a vacation on the island of Bali or planning your vacation in bali then the best time to come over would be on the dry season which comes from April to September. At this time of the year is generally sunnier with less humid which will be appropriate time to have a visit. Though some downpours can occur at any time but it will not a daily event.

The choices of your vacation destination in Bali also can be put into consideration when visiting the island. The coast is hotter though the sea breezes can lower the heat and when you move inland to such area like Ubud then you will get a cooler climate. So the altitude works to keep things cool. Places like Kintamani or Bedugul in the highlands would require you to use a warm sweater or light jacket to keep you warm.

The nothern slopes of mount Batur always seem to be wet and misty while if you move furher to the east around the mount Agung, around the Tulamben or Amed area then it always dry and sunny. So now you have the full information about the climate on the island of Bali which will enable you to choose your destination on the island. Enjoy your vacation in Bali.


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