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Is it Bali cheaper than Thailand?

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Attracted by a discussion on tripadvisor comparing between Bali and Thailand. Which one is cheaper than the others. See the whole reviews on tripadvisor forum here.

Is hard to compare between the two which one is cheaper than th other. Bali is an island located among Indonesia archipelago. Anyone who wants a vacation would want a proper holiday destination for families, if you've never been on holiday to Bali, maybe this could be your next vacation destination.

While Thailand is a country located near the Andaman sea with famous destination such as Phuket and Samui. Between these island you can found numerous various looks and feels for you to discover and enjoy.

Most of the commenter on Tripadvisor stated that the island of Bali is cheaper but lower in standard compare to Thailand. One of the example mentioned is the Kuta beach, where the beach in Phuket Thailand is much cleaner than Kuta beach.

But comparing between the two is like comparing an apple with an orange. Each one of these vacation destination has its best and also its downside. Some part is expensive while the other part is cheap. Others commenter also noted that Bali and Phuket is just the same, both of them is a good choice for having a vacation and its you which have to decide where, how, when you will come to these destination.

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